Graduate Conversion Program in Full Stack Web Development

The Graduate Conversion Programme in Full Stack Web Development is designed specifically for non-IT graduates who aspire to transition into the field of web development. This program provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers both front-end and back-end development, ensuring that students acquire the skills needed to build dynamic and interactive web applications from scratch.

Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to full-stack web development using an array of tools and technologies including Figma, Photoshop, HTML5, CSS/Sass, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. Students will learn how to build dynamic and interactive web applications, incorporating modern web development techniques and best practices. The course will also cover one popular PHP framework, CodeIgniter, to streamline development processes and enhance scalability.

Recognizing the importance of soft skills as essential core competencies for future employees, this graduate conversion program will include mandatory modules designed to equip graduates with vital skills in leadership, teamwork, work-life balance, time management, problem-solving, communication, decision-making, holistic thinking, 21st-century skills, positive thinking, and innovativeness. Additional focus areas will include anger management, citizenship and moral education, physical well-being, and interpersonal skills, among others.

Learning Outcomes

Introduction to Figma for Creating User Interface Prototypes
  • Understand the fundamentals of UI/UX design principles.
  • Create wireframes and prototypes using Figma.
  • Design user interfaces that enhance user experience and meet project requirements.
  • Gain proficiency in Photoshop tools and techniques.
  • Create and edit images for web use, ensuring optimized performance.
  • Design aesthetically pleasing and functional user interfaces using Photoshop.
  • Understand the structure and semantics of HTML5.
  • Style web pages using CSS3, including Flexbox and Grid layouts.
  • Utilise Bootstrap to create responsive, mobile-first web designs.
  • Implement SASS for more efficient and maintainable CSS development.
  • Write and execute PHP scripts to handle server-side logic.
  • Design and manage databases using MySQL.
  • Integrate PHP with MySQL to perform CRUD operations.
  • Understand advanced PHP topics such as OOP, sessions, and file handling.
  • Apply best practices for security, performance, and code maintainability in PHP applications.
  • Set up and configure a CodeIgniter project.
  • Implement MVC architecture using CodeIgniter.
  • Develop web applications efficiently with CodeIgniter’s tools and libraries.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios through projects.
  • Collaborate on group projects to simulate real-world development environments.
  • Build a complete full-stack web application, demonstrating acquired skills and knowledge.
  • Develop a holistic understanding of full-stack web development.
  • Improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills within the context of web development.
  • Prepare a professional portfolio showcasing completed projects to potential employers.

By achieving these outcomes, graduates of the Professional Certificate in Full Stack Web Development will be well-prepared to enter the workforce as proficient full-stack developers, capable of designing, developing, and maintaining robust web applications.

Lecture Panel

The lecture panel for the Graduate Conversion Programme in Full Stack Web Development comprises highly experienced Full Stack Web Development experts and university lecturers. Each member of the panel brings over 15 years of experience in the field of information technology and possesses specialised skills and expertise in the IT industry. This combination of practical industry knowledge and academic excellence ensures that students receive a well-rounded and comprehensive education.

Course Outline​

Module 01: Learn UI & UX Design 20 Hrs
Introduction to UI & UX
Wireframes & Prototyping with Figma
Layout Designing in Photoshop
Module 02: Learn Frontend Design 24 Hrs
Overview of Web Technologies
Learn HTML5
Learn CSS3/ SASS
Module 03: Learn CSS Frameworks 12 Hrs
Learn Bootstrap CSS Framework
Learn Domain Configuration and Web Hosting
Module 04: Learn CMS 24 Hrs
Learn WordPress Theme Customization
Module 05: Learn Client-side Scripting 16 Hrs
Learn JavaScript
Learn jQuery
Learn Ajax
Module 06: Introduction to Source Code Management 02 Hrs
Introduction to Git and GitHub
Git Basics: Learn fundamental Git concepts, commands, and workflow for version control.
GitHub Collaboration: Explore GitHub’s collaborative features, including pull requests, remote repositories, and issue tracking.
Best Practices & Tips: Discover best practices for branching strategies, commit messages, and effective team collaboration.
Module 07: Server-side Development – PHP Fundamentals 16 Hrs
Introduction to PHP
PHP syntax and basic constructs
Working with variables, data types, and operators
Control structures: loops and conditional statements
Functions and arrays in PHP
Module 08: MySQL Database Fundamentals 02 Hrs
Introduction to MySQL
Database design principles
SQL fundamentals: queries, CRUD operations
Working with relational databases
Connecting PHP with MySQL
Module 09: Advanced PHP Concepts 12 Hrs
Object-oriented programming in PHP
Error handling and debugging
Working with files and directories
Sessions and cookies for user management
Form handling and validation
Module 10: Introduction to CodeIgniter Framework 12 Hrs
Overview of CodeIgniter and its advantages
Installation and configuration
MVC architecture in CodeIgniter
Routing and controllers
Views and helper functions
Module 11: Building Web Applications with CodeIgniter 20 Hrs
Database configuration and interactions
Form handling and validation
Security features in CodeIgniter
Libraries and helpers
Testing and debugging CodeIgniter applications
Module 12: Final Project 
  • Students will work on a final project to apply the concepts learned throughout the course
  • Guidance and feedback will be provided by the instructor
  • Projects can be individual or group-based
  • Quizzes and assignments to test understanding of concepts
  • Practical projects to apply knowledge and skills
  • Final project evaluation based on creativity, functionality, and adherence to best practices

To Whom

Career Changers

Individuals with non-IT degrees who are looking to transition into an IT-focused role.

Recent Graduates

Graduates from computer science, information technology, or related fields.

IT Professionals

Those already working in various IT roles who want to transition to Full Stack Web Development or enhance their understanding of it.

Aspiring Full Stack Web Development Engineers

Individuals looking to enter the field of Full Stack Web Development.

Method of Delivery

The delivery method for this certification is entirely online, requiring candidates to have access to a personal computer.

Medium of Instruction

Sinhala and simple English

Evaluation Method

To earn this Graduate Conversion Programme certification, candidates are required to successfully complete a three-part examination process, comprising an assignment, a written examination, and an online practical examination.

Course Duration

Full Stack Web Development Lectures - 160 hours
Soft Skill Lectures - 30 hours
Self Assessments - 160 hours
Mock Interviews - 1 hour per student

Course Schedule

6 Months | 4 Days per week, 7:30PM - 9:30PM

Course Fee

Per Participant Fee: Rs 90,000/= 
Payment Method: Full payment (Rs. 10,000/= discount for full payment) or Rs. 30,000/= X 3 installments 

  • 1st Payment when registering the course
  • 2nd Payment one month after the 1st payment
  • 3rd payment  one month after the 2nd payment

Refund Policy

Students requesting refunds must email their request to Refunds are only available to those who have paid the full class fees; fees paid in instalments are non-refundable. Refund eligibility is as follows:

Applicants who have not attended the course for more than one week during the first month are entitled to a 90% refund and enrollment cancellation.

Applicants who have attended the first month of the course and not attended for more than one week during the second month are entitled to a 70% refund and enrollment cancellation.

Applicants who have attended the first two months of the course and not attended for more than one week during the third month are entitled to a 50% refund and enrollment cancellation.

No refunds will be issued after three months from the start of the course. Additionally, the course fee is non-transferable under any circumstances.

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