Campus Information

Global Skills Development Campus (GSDC) Information

Initiated: April 2019
Founder: Professor Ashu Marasinghe

The Global Skills Development Campus (GSDC) was established as a pivotal initiative in response to Japan’s Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) Program. This program was launched to tackle labor shortages in key industrial sectors in Japan by inviting skilled specialists from around the globe. Recognizing this opportunity, GSDC was founded with a clear mission to create a robust platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences


Skill Development

To provide high-quality vocational training that prepares students for specific trades and industries.

Professional Certification

To offer recognized certifications that enhance the employability and career prospects of graduates.

Language Proficiency

To ensure students achieve proficiency in languages essential for international work environments, with a particular focus on Japanese.

Industry Collaboration

To establish strong partnerships with industry leaders, ensuring that training programs are aligned with current market needs and technological advancements.

Since its inception, GSDC has made significant strides in preparing Sri Lankan youth for the global workforce. By focusing on the specific needs of Japan’s labor market, GSDC ensures that its professionals are well-equipped to fill critical roles in sectors experiencing skill shortages. The campus fosters a distinctive and innovative culture that encourages continuous learning and professional development.

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